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Why Invest in Blue World City WaterFront District Block

Whatsapp image at am digital ville
Whatsapp image at am digital ville

Blue World City (BWC) is a housing project in the proximity of twin cities: Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is getting an overwhelming response from the public courtesy of its location and unrivaled services. The owners of this project are the renowned Blue Group of Companies, in association with Shan JianMunicipal Engineering Company of China. If you’re an investor and are looking to invest in Real Estate, then Blue World City is the perfect housing project for you. Below, we are providing some distinguishing features of this project, so that you can outcast your doubts (if any) and invest in it fearlessly:

Affordable for All

According to the blue world city payment plan, this society offers the plot at affordable rates. Who doesn’t want a beautiful house or land at a location of his/her own choice? Of course none! The biggest hindrance in the path of buying property is its sky-high prices. Most of the existing housing projects are too much of a big deal for the middle class. BWC, with its affordable installment plans, resolves this problem and enables major sections of society to own the property they could hitherto only dream of.

Ideal Location

Blue World City is located on Chakri Road. The place is merely at arm’s length if you’re traveling on a vehicle, from the New Islamabad International Airport. To add slicing to the cake, it’s also adjacent toM-2 Motorway, the CPEC route. The dream location is not just locally important, but also has international relevance courtesy of the Airport and CPEC. It will create retail and wholesale markets for Pakistani, as well as Chinese businesses. Who would want to miss out on such a golden chance? At least not you, we’re sure about that!

Plots of All Sizes

Do you want to buy a plot but your budget doesn’t allow you to go for one of 10 Marla or 2 Kanal? Don’t worry, we have sorted it out for you! With Blue World City, you can buy a plot as small as 3.5Marla, to as large as 2 Kanal. We understand your needs and offer you what’s best for you.

Modern Facilities

If you solved the problems of capital, location, and property size, you might then be worried about the facilities being provided in the project you’re planning to invest in. Blue World City is incorporated with all luxuries that are capable of materializing your honeyed dreams. To mention a few, it has:

  • √ Open and large-sized parks
  • √ Shopping plazas provide you with everything under one roof.
  • √ A hospital comprising various departments to cure your illness and turn it into wellness
  • √ 24/7 provision of electricity
  • √ Continuous supply of water
  • √ Numerous schools provide the best educational services to your children.
  • √ The Blue Mosque: a replica of Turkish historic Muslim heritage which gives you a feeling of spiritual tranquillity.

Serene Ambiance

Blue World City, as the name depicts, is situated under the immense clear blue sky, far away from the polluted city life. Its ambiance is the epitome of peace and stillness: which is desired by all but achieved only by a handful. We assure you that you’ll get the desired peace of mind, along with a calm neighboring environment here. So if you’re a peace lover (who isn’t, btw?), grab the opportunity to invest in this monumental project.

Business Potential

The project doesn’t only have residential significance, it also has a ground-breaking set of opportunities for the growth of businesses. We have already discussed its strategic importance and keeping that in mind, it is easily understandable that businesses of all kinds can flourish in such notable geography. Once the project completes, a plethora of chances for businesses will open up. To mention only a few, you can invest in BWC for the following business categories:

√ Shopping Plazas: New shopping plazas will be established in the project. You can invest in them by buying a shop(s) and lending it to someone else or starting a business of your own in it. Either way, it is a profitable investment.

√ Education Sector: As new schools will open in this new world, you’ll have a great opportunity of starting a new institute, or open a branch of an existing one.

√ Land Investment: Buying plots and selling them at better prices is arguably the best possible investment in this project.

These, and many other business opportunities are there to be explored by you. If you invest in the initial stages of the project, you can get a paramount return on investment (ROI) at its later stages. Don’t miss out on such a ‘once-in-a-lifetime chance! At last, to conclude the whole thing, we advise you to invest in this project as soon as possible. Because, once the project is completed, the present prices will not just be doubled or tripled, but will increase by the factors of hundreds and thousands. So, keeping “Sane is ahead of time” in mind, invest now, for a better tomorrow!

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