The Best Microsoft Xbox Games for 2022

The best microsoft xbox games for digital ville
The best microsoft xbox games for digital ville

Welcome to our comparison and ranking of the 5 best Xbox One games. We have selected titles based on objective elements such as feedback and customer reviews but also on our own tests according to precise technical criteria such as the quality of graphics, gameplay, the life of the games…

1. Psychonauts 2

It has been a long time coming, but the second opus of the crazy license imagined by Double Fine is finally here. If Psychonauts 2 takes the main lines of its predecessor released in April 2005, it sublimates all the aspects of it thanks to mastered platforming phases and delicious dialogues. Moreover, the game takes the liberty of dealing with relatively serious subjects with a certain brilliance and without ever falling into overkill. That’s why it deserves a special place at our top.

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2. Outer Wilds

Let’s take a look at a game that made its name thanks to Xbox Game Pass (and its undeniable qualities, of course). Mobius Digital is the studio behind this absolutely delicious video game UFO.

This story is not necessarily known to the general public, but it should be known that Mobius Digital was founded by a certain Masi Oka. The Japanese actor is known for his roles in several successful series such as Heroes or Hawaii 5-0. But it is to Alex Beachum and his team (about a dozen people in total) that we owe Outer Wilds. This game is based on a fascinating and slightly destabilizing concept that makes it an extraordinary experience.

3. DOOM Eternal

It is, without doubt, one of the most accomplished FPS of the Xbox One generation. DOOM Eternal is a real masterclass with its unbridled action and its over-the-top gore. It’s also a demanding shooter in which the player feels an almost guilty satisfaction when eviscerating a demon. In short, it’s DOOM!

Violent, nervous, and terribly enjoyable, that’s how, to sum up, DOOM Eternal in three words. The artistic direction, which can reach great heights, and the soundtrack, which is always as powerful as ever, are there to complete a rather remarkable picture.

4. Tales of Arise

What better than a good JRPG to escape for hours in the heart of an enchanting universe rich in possibilities? This is exactly what Tales of Arise offers. Bandai Namco has tried many times before finding the perfect formula. This new opus is a kind of big synthesis of all the qualities seen in the previous games. The result is without appeal, we are in front of an ultra generous and masterly orchestrated title.

Tales of Arise is the perfect episode to mark the 25th anniversary of the series. With a big work done on the graphics, the story, the music, and the fights, Bandai-Namco delivers us a title for all types of players. A huge pleasure to follow, a bigger pleasure to play.

5. Sea of Thieves

If it didn’t look like much when it was released on Xbox One in 2017, Sea of Thieves has since made up for it by becoming one of the most popular games in the Xbox ecosystem. So we had to reserve a special place for it in our ranking, as it has built up a huge community of pirates over the years.

Since its launch, Sea of Thieves has refined its formula to become a truly must-have Xbox game. It’s simply the best way to spend a good night out with friends.

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