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Name the various factors that affect the ranking of a website

Ranking factors digital ville
Ranking factors digital ville

The corona virus period was essential to digital marketing, especially for SEO or search engine optimization. If you had a website on daily necessities, medicines, and health care, you must have a good phase. On the other hand, people having websites for hotels, restaurants, and on tourism niches faced loss. Search patterns and purchase patterns have entirely changed in recent times. There has been important change in the factors.

SEO has some interesting, striking signals you should include in your content strategy of websites. Keep the primary and upcoming points in your tactics to rank your website. But, before stepping into the world of digital marketing, have good digital marketing training from a well-created digital marketing course.


  • Mobile-First Indexing

Mobile First Indexing means that your website will easily be available to visit through desktop and mobile devices. Hence, you must design a website that works fluently on every device; that is, you must design a cross-platform website. If any part of your website is not visible through the phone, then not only will it be unused in indexing, but it will also not help you to rank. If your image’s alt text is different for desktop and mobile, then Google will use the phone version.

Also, if the quality of your website image degrades on a mobile phone or the image is served through a different URL link, it will be a loss for you in ranking your website. Suppose you have made a mobile phone-friendly website, but you haven’t updated your backlinks. In this case, you can only access your website through a desktop, and not through the phone. Thus, the ranking of your website falls.

  • People’s experience on the website

The user’s experience matters as the web browsers rank the websites according to the experience. Hence, making a fast and responsive website will be more beneficial to rank your website. For example, you have 4 websites having similar content, the same quality, and similar backlinks. Now, any one of the website among the 4 is slow, and the users are hassling to access the website. Thus, the ranking of the slow website will be low as it does not give viewers a user-friendly experience.

But, here’s a twist, a fast website may or may not get the advantage of being fast. But a slow website will be penalized for its speed. With time, the algorithm will push fast websites more. While other factors such as fast landing, quick interactivity, visual stability, mobile friendliness, safe browsing, HTTPS, and no intrusive interstitials will be treated as core web vitals.

  • Structured data or Schema data

Schema data helps in understanding the content of your web page, like the topic of your website, what images you are using, and even including the backlinks of your website. Good schema data helps you to take your website out of the crowd by ranking it at the top. A good logo, video, and FAQ help your website to rank while making it more engaging. Remember, using the schema data in an unethical way can lower your ranking. You can use schema data with the Meta tags you use on your website. At first, schema data may be difficult to understand, but you will be fluent with the growing time.

  • Focus on Multimedia

Images and videos must be a part of your ranking strategy. Properly optimized multimedia can give you a push in the website list. Thus, you can get high traffic on your website, which will increase your revenue. Video not only helps in SEO but also helps in branding and lead conversions. You can post one video with a good title and good Meta tags.

As a result, the video will create a good audience base. You can embed links of your video on your website and add the schema data of your video on the page. Hence, whenever anyone performs a video search on the web browser, your videos will be suggested by the algorithm, and you will get good traffic on your video.

  • Focus on local SEO

People often restrict the local SEO to Google My Business, but it is wrong. If your business and product are based on the local market, then focus on the local market. It will be beneficial as this would help your website to rank more locally. Thereby, getting nearby customers becomes super easy. Local SEO is not that easy, but if you research it and make it a part of your strategy, you will not regret it. The best thing about local SEO is that it gives quick results and increases the credibility of your brand among your nearby customers. Thus, observe things around you and strategies your keywords according to that. Local SEO is also beneficial as you can sell any new product in a very short period of time among your locality.

  • Intent matters

Don’t only focus on the keyword you are using but also understand the keyword intent. Think about why people are searching for that topic and how you can change your content accordingly. The algorithm will push you down if you cannot fulfill the user’s needs. Focus on the quality of the website rather than overextending your topic. You will not get results if you are targeting an informational keyword for an e-commerce website. Hence, focus on the keyword purpose.

So, to summarize, various factors help to rank a website. But, at the end of the day, if your content is not well written or not well produced, SEO is of no use. Hence, focus on your content, make it more engaging for the viewers and, simultaneously, informational. Remember, extending your topic without any reason may make your content look big, but actually, it will be of no use.

SEO is a part of marketing, and marketing will only give you results when you have high-quality websites or products. After improving your content, you need to convert that potential viewer into long-term customers. Hence, improve your digital marketing funnel. Marketing funnel helps in improvising your plans properly.

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