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How to modify a flight on Southwest Airlines?

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Southwest Airlines Modifies Its Flying Rules

People frequently find themselves needing to change their flights for a number of reasons. It is common knowledge that people book reservations after careful consideration and planning, but occasionally an unexpected change in circumstances prevents someone from carrying out their original plans.

With this in mind, the airlines have developed a distinct flight change policy that outlines the considerations that passengers must make if they choose to modify their flight.

Check out this page for a detailed explanation of Southwest change flight policy if you have already booked a flight with them and wish to modify it. By the time you finish reading this essay, we guarantee that you will fully understand Southwest Airlines’ policy on flight changes.

Policy for Southwest Airlines Flight Changes

We will first talk about Southwest Airlines’ policy about flight changes, and then we’ll look at how to do it.

Important details of Southwest Airlines’ flight-change policy include:

1. The criteria are a little rigid in the case of Want Go Away tickets, which are Southwest Airlines’ cheapest flights. According to the Southwest Airlines Change Flight Policy, no penalties are assessed for changes made up to 10 minutes prior to the planned departure of the flight. Hence, the value of their ticket will be changed into Travel Funds that can be used within a year of the date of purchase without being assessed a cost for changes.

2. If you have an Anytime or Business Select ticket, you can change your flight up to 10 minutes before to the scheduled departure time without incurring any penalties. The amount of the ticket will be changed into Travel Funds, which can be used within a year of the date of purchase without incurring a change fee, if the traveler is unable to make the modifications and fails to appear at the time of flight departure. Nevertheless, if Rapid Rewards points were used to purchase the ticket, the points will be returned to their account for future use.

3. In the event of international flights, passengers will not be charged any additional costs for altering their ticket, but there may be a fare difference.

4. There will be a few exceptions if someone wants to change the fare classes. You can go to the airline’s official website for more information about this. Any traveler who modifies his or her itinerary on the same day will be subject to additional taxes and fees that apply to the new fare.

5. Travelers should call Southwest at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-8e-day modifications, or they can ask an agent who is on duty at the airport ticket counter, if one is available. You must remember that you cannot purchase an international flight online within two hours of the departure time at this point.

6. Travelers can alter their international flight for free in the event of abnormal operations. But, travelers must dial 1-800-I-FLY-SWA for customer service from Southwest (1-800-998-6716).

You can modify your Southwest Airlines flight bookings online by following these steps:

1. Go to, which is the airline’s official website.

2. The Change/Cancel tab is located at the top; you must click on it.

3. You must input information such as your confirmation code and first and last names in order to view the information about your flight booking.

4. You must click the search button after providing the necessary information.

5. After selecting the flight you want to change, click Choose New Flights. Both the departure and return locations will show up if you booked a circular trip.

6. After selecting your flight, make any required adjustments and then confirm your selections.

We hope that this article did a good job of familiarizing you with Southwest Airlines’ flight change policy by the time you reached the end. Even though everything in this page has been completely clarified, if you still have any questions, you can call Southwest Airlines’ customer service department, which will provide you with rapid assistance and help you resolve your problems.

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