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Friday Night Funkin’ Baddies FULL WEEK + Cutscenes (FNF Mods/Vs Cassette Girl/Stalker/NekoFreak/Jazz) oh i haven’t had this much fun since well i can’t remember i was made last week wow if you don’t take this seriously i’m getting freaky on a, let’s tell, the story shall we once upon a time there was a little strange woman named stephanie stephanie was a very concerning person a true danger to society. Considering she’s a bit of a. Stalker you see a while back there was a news report of a ginger kid wielding a gun and a blue-haired boy performing what’s known to be a. Rap battle on top of a building this gathered heavy media attention authorities and news helicopters were instantly on the scene it was even. 

On live television everyone saw it including the impressed and marveled stephanie she was. So amazed by the whole event and the bravery of the blue one she immediately fell in. Love just had to have him by any means necessary she never had a boyfriend before because all. The boys bought her addictions and pumpkin spice and all of her ugg boots were really weird looking she wanted her first partner to be him so she. Tracked down the ginger boy and used seduction to squeeze the information from him, unfortunately he had no idea where he was specifically but he did mention someone who, didn’t know the person in question always shopped at victoria’s secrets so her best bet was to start there he stupidly gave her the key to tracking down her new, nails stupid man stephanie found her shopping, for extra large panties for this no fussy i mean she found her shopping and pushed them to immediately ask where is this boy and how can i have him luckily she knew just the plan since this woman, was the mother of his girlfriend she happened to absolutely hate his stupid guts and, the block button wasn’t enough she wanted him dead she figured she could work. With stephanie so they both can get what they want her daughter is away. Which means that stephanie can have him all to herself in order for this to work stephanie would be given a small amount of power just in case things got out of, hand the mother warned stephanie to only use the powers when absolutely needed to what she didn’t warn her about is that having these powers can, have a negative overwhelming effect on the user’s feelings making them extremely angry. Just like that stephanie was stronger than she.

Ever was the mother told her that her daughter and the boy she was after were hosting an event in the middle of times square new york city but this information she was set. Off to meet her one true lover so so three two one oh, foreign oh yeah so , so three two one me . Me and then she started killing everyone one by one oh oh hell no honey you’re coming with me laughs, so three two one foreign okay foreign uh so so three two one .

Me easy um , uh oh uh 1 30. hey yo boyfriend come here real quick surprise to see, you here hey have you heard all that noise playing below sounds like someone was having a good ass time down there i’m. Sorry you must be hella confused i’m cassette girl well a cologne don’t ask me how i, know not too sure what happened to the original though you, look fun why don’t.

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